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3Million Hits and Counting

John on June 1, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Wow, that was quick!

We passed 2 million hits on November 9, 2009. It took us almost exactly a year to get there from 1 million.

We hoped we could reach 3 million by this 4th of July, but we figured that was pretty optimistic. Well, I guess it’s time to be an optimist. From 1-2 million in a year and from 2-3 million in under 7 months.

Kudos and thanks to Morgen who continues to come up with scoop after scoop. It has happened so often, I’ve almost gotten used to seeing video clips that premiere here on TV.

Thanks also to all our regular readers and commenters (though we wish more of the former would think about becoming the latter). And if you’re new to VS, we hope you’ll bookmark us, add us to your feed reader or even follow us on Twitter.

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