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Britney Spears Goes Catholic Mocking

John on November 5, 2007 at 10:36 pm

That’s the word from ABC:

Britney Spears is set to shock the world with saucy new promotional shots picturing her seducing a handsome Catholic priest.

Usually this sort of gratuitous crap bothers me, but in this case I just feel sorry for her.

I’ve honestly made no effort to know anything about her life, but it’s truly inescapable. So here’s what I know…Britney Spears is a 25 year old junkie. She was too stoned to perform at a recent awards show, barely managing to stay on her feet and failing to lip-synch her own song. As a result of multiple failures to clean up her act, she just lost custody of her children.

Her decline isn’t at an end yet though. Just today, the Daily Mail described her this way:

Her pallid complexion was bloated and spotty while her skin-tight jeans and transparent vest top exposing her black bra seemed to be straining at the seams.

In short, this is a young woman who is living a miserable life of drugs and broken relationships, all the while surrounded by a phalanx of industry types who only care about the money they can still make off her pathetic spectacle. Who knows if she’s even with it enough to make decisions anymore. The whole thing is probably being run by the marketing department at her label.

What Britney the talented 25 year old should be doing is going to an actual church and doing some confession then heading to rehab and getting it right. Instead she’s chosen to mock the very idea of repentance, turn up the slut factor, and try and sell another million albums to impressionable teens.

This clearly isn’t going to end well for Britney. I do feel sorry for her. I nominate her the celebrity most in need of a genuine celebrity conversion.

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