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Top 10 Reasons VS is NOT a Weblog Award Finalist

John on November 2, 2007 at 6:10 pm

So a few weeks ago I begged one of you to nominate us for Wizbang’s Weblog Awards. Matt Anderson obliged and several others voted us up. We had more nominations than any other blog in our category save one. So it looked good for us…

Well the Finalists have been announced and we’re not among them. I’m disappointed but given that the selection process is all very mysterious, there’s no way to know who or what accounts for us not making it. In an effort to make the best of a bad situation I’d like to present The Top Ten Reasons Verum Serum is NOT a Weblog Award Finalists:

10) It’s chosen alphabetically and our blog starts with a V.

9) Jay Tea wanted to choose us but in the end couldn’t resist making “The Galloping Beaver” a finalist instead. He’s snickering about it as we speak.

8 ) Kevin Aylward read the entrails of a freshly slaughtered chicken and our blog showed up in the giblets.

7) NZ Bear has an irrational hatred for Latin blog names.

6) My co-blogger Scott’s huffing habit has finally taken its toll.

5) Three words: Cat Scratch Fevah!

4) Our “Weblog Sweeps” attempt to spice things up by live blogging C-Span’s Booknotes program backfired.

3) My post about the iPhone has landed us on secret blogger blacklist maintained by evil mastermind Steve Jobs.

2) I spent far too much time working and not enough time blogging the last six weeks.

1) It’ll make a better story when we dominate the nominations next year!

Thanks again to anyone who would have voted for us if things had turned out differently.

Oh! For the record, here are the actual finalists. I’m still planning to vote for someone.

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