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Hollywood Strikes Back

John on January 19, 2006 at 10:54 pm

The Times of London has a great piece by Gerard Baker pointing out the absurd liberalism of the current crop of Hollywood message movies. Here’s my favorite bit:

This is Message Year in Hollywood. Fed up with the direction that America is taking — all this God, patriotism, traditional family, War on Terror stuff, America’s entertainment elite have taken the courageous decision to lead the fightback from the pool decks of Beverly Hills and the penthouses of Manhattan. Voting with their Armani tuxedos and their Isaac Mizrahi gowns, they’re going to take back their country from the warmongers and religious fanatics.

No more lavish but inconsequential realisations of Tolkien masterpieces please (that other famous Oxford Christian writer, C. S. Lewis, got zero recognition for The Chronicles of Narnia this year). Give us tales of decent men, women and transgendered individuals standing up for tolerance, diversity and understanding of others. Sadly there’s not much room for tolerance, diversity and understanding of others in Hollywood itself.

That’s just perfect.

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