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Shock Report: BBC a Liberal Hotbed!

John on October 26, 2007 at 5:31 pm

The best part here is that the facts are self-reported, so there’s no weaseling out of this:

The BBC has frequently been accused of having a liberal bias.

But now the corporation’s own staff appear to have confirmed this by revealing their political views on the networking website Facebook.

A survey of BBC employees with profiles on the site showed that 11 times more of them class themselves as “liberal” than “conservative”.


Research by the conservativehome. com website showed that 1,340 staff put themselves in the “liberal” or “very liberal” category, compared with just 120 who were “conservative” or “very conservative”. Some 340 regard themselves as “moderate”.


Last night the BBC refused to comment on the research, insisting it was a “private matter”.

But a well-placed insider said that staff who were Facebook members were likely to be warned to remove their political views from their profiles in the wake of the row.

This is the media equivalent of shoot, shovel and shut-up. And yet, as I’ve noted here several times in the last few weeks, when it comes to hot button issues like abortion the British press is a picture of moderation compared to American media.

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