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Atheists Behaving Badly

John on October 25, 2007 at 10:05 am

Pat Robertson is going to have to work pretty hard to keep up with these guys. In one week, high profile atheists have racked up more outrageous comments that Robertson can manage in six months.

I predicted not so long ago that as the new atheism geared up it would increasingly be subject to the kind of bad press and scandal to which Christianity is already prone. I just didn’t think it would happen so fast.

  • Last week, we had public atheist and Nobel Laureate James Watson making not-so-subtly racist remarks about black people. Dr. Watson has since left his job as a result of the fallout from that remark.
  • Also last week we had the highest ranking atheist in the US Congress spouting off about President Bush wanting to kill American boys for his amusement. After much tough talk, Congressman Stark finally did decide to apologize.
  • Next up, Allahpundit has this very insightful analysis of atheist comic George Carlin who said yesterday that people who lost a home in the California wildfires got what was coming to them.
  • And finally today HotAir links to this post at Weasel Zippers noting Ted Rall’s latest cartoon. In this one Rall says the IQ in America goes up every time we send soldiers to Iraq because, of course, soldiers are all idiots. Now I don’t know for sure that Ted Rall is atheist. His Wikipedia page doesn’t say. But I’m guessing — actually I’m willing to bet — that’s where he’s coming from.

So what do all these atheist gaffes have in common besides atheism?

Well, you may notice that in three out of four cases, there is a distinct whiff of elitist snobbery, paired with a complete detachment from the suffering of others. Dr. Watson doesn’t see low IQ in Africa as a social crisis requiring our attention, just as a problem for Western policy makers. Carlin seems positively gleeful at the thought of people losing their homes. They get what they deserve for being so dumb as to build them there in the first place. And of course Ted Rall takes the cake with his Randian suggestion that only smart people matter.

Congressman Stark at least seems to have a concern for others behind his absurd rant, though it’s hard to avoid the likelihood that his insult at the President was fueled by his view that the President is — you guessed it — an idiot.

Keep sticking microphones in their faces and this sort of stuff will keep spilling out.It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s one I predict we’ll see repeat with increasing regularity. The new atheists, led by guys like Dawkins and Dennett, just can’t conceal their contempt for the “little people.” Not for long, anyway. Keep sticking microphones in their faces and this sort of stuff will keep spilling out. They just can’t help themselves.

I love the smell of the new atheism in the morning…it smells like victory.

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