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The Hidden Cost of Global Warming Alarmism

John on October 24, 2007 at 11:27 pm

Wonder why it took Der Spiegel so long to look into this?

No journey is too far for Angela Merkel when it comes to saving the world’s climate. At the Cape of Good Hope, Merkel listened to scientists explain the effects of global warming on species diversity. Addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, she called upon the assembled heads of state to take decisive action. In Greenland, enveloped in a bright red parka, she observed the melting of Arctic glaciers firsthand.

The chancellor flies around the globe on an almost weekly basis to bolster her image as a determined crusader against the greenhouse effect. “Climate change threatens the very basis of human existence,” she preaches. “And we can only succeed if we stick together and act in unison.”


When it comes to the climate controversy, the conflicting camps within the ruling Grand Coalition are agreed on only one objective: To keep citizens in the dark as much as possible about how much Germany’s pioneering role in limiting CO2 emissions will eventually cost them. The chancellor consistently claims that climate protection will pay off in the end. But the truth is that the measures she proposes will lead to billions in additional expenditures for many years to come.


Although renters could expect new, climate-saving equipment to lower their heating costs, experts estimate that if the government’s plans come to fruition rents would go up by at least 10 percent.

Of course 10% rent increase is nothing…if you’re Angela Merkel.

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