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A Mother’s Pleas May Be Misguided

Scott on January 19, 2006 at 11:14 am

As most of us have become aware of over the last 10 days or so, Jill Carroll (a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor) was kidnapped in one of Bagdag’s most dangerous neighborhoods while on her way to interview a Sunni Arab politician. Her translator was killed, but her driver escaped. Two days ago, a video tape was released without audio, showing Jill alive. The message included with the tape said that Jill Carroll will be executed if all female Iraqi prisoners are not released by Friday night.

Mary Beth Carroll, Jill’s mother, has been interviewed in recent days and it is heart-breaking to see and hear the fear and pain that she and the family are feeling. Read about her interview in this article

I am praying for a happy end to this situation, with Jill returning home unharmed.

But that being said, listening to the mother’s most recent interview and hearing it discussed in great detail on all of the news shows is really distressing. There seems to still be a HUGE disconnect between what people in the West are willing to accept and believe -vs- what extremist Muslim radicals are willing to DO and believe.

I am sorry to say this, but the mother seems to be misled regarding the condition of the people who are holding her daughter. In her most recent interview, Mary Beth Carroll appealed to her daughter’s captors, saying:

Jill has always shown the highest respect for the Iraqi people and their customs. We hope that her captors will show Jill the same respect in return.

Those groups who are responsible for the majority of the violence in Iraq are NOT from Iraq. They could care less about Iraq and its people. They are from Syria and Jordan and Egypt and Saudi Arabia and other places where the poison that is the dark underside of Islam can fester and rot away the minds and hearts and souls of the ignorant and uneducated.

It is these people who wish that Saddam Hussein was still in power in Iraq, oppressing his people, funding terrorist training camps, and paying bonus money to the families of suicide murderers. These people DON’T CARE if Jill has demonstrated respect for the Iraqi people or their customs. They don’t respect anything but their own narrow, violent interpretation of the Islamic religion. They don’t even respect other Muslims who have a differing, more moderate view of the religion.

As is demonstrated almost daily, respect is something that is in short supply in the hearts of Islamic terrorists and murderers who will kill brutally and inhumanely in the name of their God, and who then bemoan the rejection of their brand of Islam in the West.

I, her father and her sister are appealing directly to her captors to release this young woman who has worked so hard to show the suffering of Iraqis to the world.

As I mentioned in regard to the the issue of respect, “showing the suffering of Iraqis to the world” doesn’t seem to be a big priority to these people. In fact, the suffering of fellow Muslims seems to be just fine with them. Keep in mind, these groups of Islamic extremists and terrorists had no problem for years with how Saddam Hussein treated his people. Mass executions, torture, embezzlement, poverty, starvation, rape, murder. These all occurred on a regular basis in Iraq during the years of Saddam Hussein, yet nobody in the Middle East did anything about it. What makes Mrs. Carroll believe that the terrorists holding her daughter care about whether or not the suffering of Iraqis is covered in the news?

Please find a way to contact us with the honorable intent of discussing her release.

There is no HONOR in these people. How honorable is it to bomb with the intent of maiming and killilng innocent men, women, and children. Where is the honor of blowing up a line of people trying to find jobs to support their families? How honorable is it to kidnap and then behead individuals who AREN’T EVEN COMBATANTS? Don’t forget, Daniel Pearl was also a journalist. Look how much honor and respect they gave him.

‘Taking vengeance … will not create justice.’

This whole thing in Iraq is all about VENGEANCE and has NEVER BEEN about JUSTICE. They want vengeance for the loss of Iraq and Afghanistan as two seats of power. They want vengeance for the West daring to shine a bright light of hope and truth into the sad, oppressed lives of those kept enslaved to Islamic extremism and corrupt governments who give lip service to Islam and yet who are all about power and control. They want vengeance simply because they HATE the West and the United States for our simple existence. It wouldn’t matter if the U.S. had never involved itself in the affairs of the Middle East. We would still be hated because we are NOT them.

Let me take this further and say that Vengeance as Justice is one of the only things that these people understand.

I hope and pray that Jill Carroll is not a casualty of this conflict, but to appeal to her captors using the terminology of the West is not the answer. To try and reach out to them using the rationale of Western thought and Western understandings of Justice and Honor and Respect is like speaking to a dog and expecting that dog to understand what is being said.

I know, How Offensive! To compare Jill Carroll’s captors to dogs is so rude, especially by Middle Eastern standards. And yet the comparison applies. A dog does not understand English, or Arabic, or French. A dog understands posture and position and tone and force and power. THAT is what these hate-filed, disillusioned, zealous Muslim terrorist-murderers understand. Talking with them using rational arguments will not get you anywhere with them. You might as well be a teacher from a Charlie Brown cartoon saying, “wha, wha-wha wha, wha wha.”

Confront these extremist dogs with unyielding force while offering them the innumerable benefits of the West. Stand up straight and strong against their acts of aggression and murder and speak directly to them in harsh tones that convey the meaning that words will be backed up by actions, and those actions will not be pleasant. And as you do so, demonstrate to the people the wonders of education for all, healthcare for all, without torture or murder or rape or fear.

Eventually, these radical Muslim extremists will become more and more rare as more and more countries in the Middle East are forced to allow their people to live lives of health and happiness and peace. Where people are happy and healthy and prosperous, there is no place for people like the ones who kidnapped Jill Carroll. True, it will take time. But eventually, in time, these terrorists will go the way of the dinosaur and will become a sad chapter in the history book of humanity like slavery and the oppression of women. (I know that slavery and oppresion of women persist, but these sad conditions are slowly being eliminated around the world.)

Yes, this will take time. But that is something else that the Middle East seems to understand better than those in the West. Significant change doesn’t occur quickly. It might start quickly, but for it to endure it must grow and develop over time, building its own momentum, developing its own strength, and finally existing on its own because it has demonstrated the Truth and Rightness of its existence.

My prayers go out to Jill Carroll and her family, as well as to all those who live and serve in such a dangerous place that is need of so much hope.

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