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“Moderate” Elena Kagan Donated to Extreme Left Political Candidate in 2006

Morgen on May 14, 2010 at 8:08 am

Since thoroughly looking at Elena Kagan’s record of writings and speeches, and noticing that she seems to have intentionally avoided expressing an opinion on virtually anything, I’ve suspected that her personal ideology is much farther to the left than her record reflects. Her college thesis on socialism is certainly suggestive of this, although I tend to agree with those who discount this as college-era exploration. (I studied Marxism at Cambridge.) Her service in the Clinton and Obama administrations, and life-long voting record, clearly establish her as a Democrat.  But aside from Clinton and Obama, what sort of Democrats does she support?

Add another link to the chain of evidence. Last night I discovered that in 2006 Kagan made a maximum contribution ($500) to the campaign of John Bonifaz, who was running for the Democratic nomination to be Secretary of the Commonwealth of MA. Bonifaz, it turns out, is about as far as left as you can get without joining the Bernie Sanders fan club. His opponent in the race actually accused him of being a closet Green Party supporter, which of course is the polite way to accuse someone of being a socialist. But forget labels, here are just a few facts which establish Bonifaz’ far left credentials:

  • Authored the 2004 book Warrior-King: The Case for Impeaching George W. Bush
  • His only national-level political endorsements in 2006 were from Dennis Kucinich, John Conyers, and Jesse Jackson, Jr.
  • Early national board member of the Progressive Democrats of America, whose platform includes ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, establishing single-payer health care, enacting the Employee Free Choice Act, and opposing all free-trade agreements. Current advisory board members include Maxine Waters, Raul Grijalva, Lynn Woolsey, and for good measure SDS founder Tom Hayden.

It should also be emphasized that this was the primary campaign to unseat the incumbent Democrat. Based on Bonifaz’ limited base of support within the Democratic party, and the outcome of the election where he lost 83% to 17%, he really was a fringe candidate. A far left, fringe candidate.

And Elena Kagan supported him. Hmmmm….

Update: Also noteworthy is that Bonifaz is currently overseeing a well-funded campaign in opposition to the Citizens United decision. A case that Kagan defended (and lost) as Solicitor General.  In fact, just yesterday she expressed her opposition to the decision in a meeting with Senator Specter.

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