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Time Magazine’s Lopsided Gaffe Review

John on October 23, 2007 at 4:10 pm

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Time magazine is once again swinging far to the left on the front page of their site. Today they have a rundown of candidate gaffes, complete with pictures and You Tube clips. Here’s how they’re promoting it:

We’re playing up the Mitt Romney dog story. In fact, Mitt must be the gaffe king because he has by far the most gaffes in Time’s list, 17 of the 65 listed. That’s 26%!

Rudy has the next most with 10, followed by McCain with 8. You may be wondering if there are any Democrats in this list. The answer is barely. Here’s the breakdown:

Candidate # of Gaffes % of Total
Mitt Romney (R) 17 26.2%
Rudy Guliani (R) 10 15.4%
John McCain (R) 9 13.8%
John Edwards (D) 5 7.7%
Bill Richardson (D) 5 7.7%
Fred Thompson (R) 4 6%
Hillary Clinton (D) 4 6%
Joe Biden (D) 3 4.6%
Mike Huckabee (R) 3 4.6%
Barack Obama (D) 3 4.6%
Tom Tancredo (R) 2 3%

All tolled, 45 of 65 are Republican gaffes (69.2%) and 20 of 65 are Democrat gaffes (30.8%). Republican front runners Guliani, Romney and Thompson have 31 gaffes compared to Democrats Hillary, Obama and Edwards with 12. That’s a ratio of 2.5:1.

Of course maybe this is an accurate representation of how often the candidates misspeak. Maybe the Dems are just better candidates.

Not quite.

How about Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that a questioner was a plant at a Townhall meeting earlier this month. She apologized on camera for that one, which sort of seems like a gaffe to me. But it didn’t make Time’s list.

How about Hillary’s statement that Norman Hsu, her third biggest overall donor, was just another individual she didn’t know anything about in particular. Had she been a Republican, this would have been considered a gaffe. And what about her recent appointment of Sandy Berger as an adviser?! But neither one made Time’s list.

What about Hillary’s suggestion that a terror attack might be good for the GOP. That didn’t count as a gaffe? How about her suggestion that a black reporter could come to her staff if he was interested in “being educated” about health care? If Fred Thompson had said it, Time would have written a whole story on his latent racism of Southern white men. It’s not on the list.

Speaking of latent racism, how about Hillary’s suddenly appearing Southern drawl when speaking to a mostly black crowd of Al Sharpon supporters. If a NY Senator putting on a fake southern accent for a black audience isn’t a gaffe, what is? But, you guessed it, not on Time’s list.

How about Hillary’s spelling gaffe this Summer. This used to be a big deal when a Republican did it. And I’m not even going to link the Hillary “plantation” gaffe or her remark about the GOP criminalizing Jesus from 2006. They’re not on the list.

Also not on the list of Democratic gaffes, Barack Obama’s suggestion that John Edwards was “kind of good-looking.” How about John Edwards reference to Ann Coulter as a “she-devil.” How about Joe Biden’s reference to Obama as the “first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Time even wrote about that one. But it’s not on the list.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Republican candidates don’t make 2.5 times as many gaffes as their Democratic counterparts, they just don’t get a pass from the media as often.

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