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Abortion of Healthy Babies in the UK

John on October 21, 2007 at 3:12 pm

Not that it isn’t happening here in the US, it’s just the British press is willing to report on it while our media would rather stick forks in its own eyes. From the London Times:

MORE than 50 babies with club feet were aborted in just one area of England in a three-year period, according to new statistics.

Thirty-seven babies with cleft lips or palates and 26 with extra or webbed fingers or toes were also aborted.

The data have raised concerns about abortions being carried out for minor disabilities that could be cured by surgery.

Abortions are allowed up to birth in Britain in cases of serious handicap, but the law does not define what conditions should be considered grave enough to allow a termination late in the pregnancy. That is left to the discretion of doctors.

The article goes on to quote a doctor saying that these conditions can sometimes be associated with other more serious problems, problems which can’t be detected in utero. It’s meant to be a defense of abortion in these cases. Of course what it shows, inadvertently, is that these babies are being aborted on the suspicion of possibly having a more serious problem. The doctors don’t know and neither do the parents. In many cases, these children would be fine after a relatively minor cosmetic surgery.

In any case, killing disabled babies prior to birth is really little different than doing so afterwards. Why shouldn’t we simply euthanize babies born with cleft palate?

If someone wants to parse the difference between aborting a 27-34 week baby — all of which have a good chance of survival outside the womb– and killing a newborn for the same reason, I’m listening.

Addendum: Keith notes this related article from today’s Guardian in the comments to this post I wrote last week about abortion policy in the UK. It’s worth reading as well.

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