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NHS Denies Cancer Drug as Too Costly (But Don’t Call it a Death Panel)

John on May 5, 2010 at 7:09 pm

Sorta sounds like what I imagine a death panel might do (if one existed):

Thousands of cancer sufferers are set to be denied a ‘miracle’ drug on the NHS that is routinely used in virtually every other Western country.

The Government’s rationing body says Avastin is not cost-effective despite evidence that it can prolong the lives of bowel cancer patients by more than two years.


When used for bowel cancer Avastin costs around £18,000 for a course of ten months’ treatment given with chemotherapy.

But a complex formula used by NICE, which looks at quality of life and overall cost effectiveness, says the annual cost is £36,000.

This exceeds the maximum limit set by the body of £30,000, a figure which has not changed in ten years despite inflation.

Ah, well, what’s a couple years of life compared to a socialist utopia?

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