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The Riots in Greece Killed Four

John on May 5, 2010 at 4:41 pm

From the Daily Mail:

After months of dithering over how to rein in its vast deficit, the Greek government has been forced to plead for a £93billion international bail-out package and implement hugely unpopular austerity measures, to be voted on today.

Amid the rioting, the euro plunged, stock markets crashed and German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted the very ‘future of Europe’ was at stake.


In the most horrific incident, 20 terrified staff were trapped in the burning Marfin bank after it was firebombed by protesters. The mob blocked firefighters from getting to the blaze.

Two women and a man suffocated in the smoke as they tried to escape the flames. Bank officials told reporters one woman had been pregnant.

A fire department official said their lives could have been saved had ‘ crucial minutes’ not been lost getting through the rioters’ blockades.

Note to Tea Party bashers…this is what a violent protest looks like:

Watch this report and tell me Greece isn’t on the brink (and maybe pulling the rest of Europe with it):

YouTube Preview Image

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