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What’s Motivating the Madness in Myanmar?

John on October 18, 2007 at 10:47 pm

According to an article over at the American Thinker blog, it’s a distaste for religion:

The government there that holds the enlightened view that religion is a hindrance to human progress has embarked on a campaign of violence against Buddhist monks. Tens of thousands of Burmese people led by these monks took to the streets of Rangoon in the hopes of drawing attention to their human rights plight under the military junta.

The Buddhist monks had no way of resisting men with guns, batons and riot gear. The army troops wore helmets while they bludgeoned the skulls of protesters with rifle butts. Amidst the violence protesters were chanting: “May we be free from torturing people.” In a few instances when soldiers were ordered to fire their guns at the monks, officers refused to fire and fled. The Buddhist monks who were chanting prayers received their answer from the powerful as blood streamed down from the faces of those who dared stand against the Burmese regime.


This summer I had the pleasure of meeting some members of the Karen people at my local church. The Karen are among the viciously persecuted communities of Burma. Like the Buddhism of the monks, their Christian faith is deemed a threat to the government, and for this many have been killed, tortured, and disfigured. As I listened to them lift their voices in a hymn of praise in their native tongue, it was difficult to plumb the depths of their souls from which they called out against their suffering.

I had been under the impression that the Myanmar junta was Buddhist, but that they would be anti-religion makes more sense.

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