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Half a Billion Fraud at UN Gets Ignored

John on October 18, 2007 at 2:45 pm

It’s good to know the UN is making such good use of Bill Gates money:

TSUNAMI reconstruction funds worth $US500 million are being lost to fraud and corruption because of the failure by the United Nations to implement its own anti-fraud measures.

This claim is made by the UN’s former deputy director of investigations, Frank Montil, a former ASIO officer who for a decade was the deputy director of the UN’s internal watchdog unit, set up to investigate fraud and corruption within the UN and its agencies.

In an exclusive interview with the Herald, Mr Montil said “the oil-for-food scandal taught them nothing”. The fraud and corruption which had been occurring during the tsunami reconstruction period would come back to haunt the UN, which had wilfully ignored all the warning signs.


“As such there is a risk for fraud, in that a government body could secure excess office space, and twice, three times or even four times its equipment requirement – including motor vehicles.”

But the report lay on the desk of the former secretary-general, Kofi Annan, for eight months, Mr Montil said.

“My estimations of fraud were that at the bare minimum in Banda Aceh alone there would be at least $US80 or $US90 million disappearing in fraud and corruption. That’s only in emergency funds. That doesn’t include the half a billion that will be lost to fraud and corruption in reconstruction funds,” he said.

When the Herald contacted the UN, a spokesman provided the General Assembly’s response to Mr Montil’s report. Tabled last December, it read in part: “The Deputy Secretary-General indicated that a number of funds and programs had expressed the view that their tsunami activities had already been extensively audited and that a further consolidated report would be superfluous.

In other words, don’t confuse me with the evidence.

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