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President and Laura Bush Poisoned in 2007?

John on May 4, 2010 at 12:04 am

No one could confirm it, but it sounds very suspicious:

In her memoir “Spoken From the Heart,” Bush said that she and her husband fell violently ill on the second day of the summit in the exclusive Baltic Sea resort.

“Exceedingly alarmed, the Secret Service went on full alert, combing the resort for potential poisons,” wrote Bush according to the news website Politico. “The overriding fear was that terrorists had gotten control of a dangerous substance and planted it at the resort.”

In addition to the president and his wife, other members of the US delegation became ill, including one staff member who suffered permanent hearing loss.

“We never learned if any other delegations became ill, or if ours, mysteriously, was the only one,” wrote Bush according to the New York Times.

The comments being left are what you’d expect:

Pity they didn’t make a proper job of it!

I wish this had been reported at the time of the incident. It would have given many hope for the future…

BDS apparently doesn’t fade with time.

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