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NY Times Runs Op-Ed for Insurgents

John on October 18, 2007 at 12:52 am

Pretty amazing to me. The NY Times, which has been hitting new stock lows all week, is actually running a “video op-ed” in which Iraqi insurgents, i.e. people attacking US soldiers, are lionized as freedom fighters and US forces are depicted as their cruel and despotic overlords.

It would be one thing if the video presented the voices of the insurgents, even sans comment. But in this case, the writers are doing more than reporting. It truly is an opinion piece and the opinion of the writers is that the insurgents are right.

It’s amazing to me how many Americans will willingly take the side of barbaric religious fanatics over their own countrymen. But let’s be specific…how many liberal Americans. No doubt these are the same people that loathe Christianity and fear a religious theocracy in this country. It’s a pipe dream of course, but for some reason, when confronted with the genuine article, they find it much to their liking.

I’d love to hear what Hillary has to say about this. Pity no one will ask her.


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