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Follow Up on Ed Young and Fellowship Church

John on May 1, 2010 at 9:32 am

I wrote about this story here. The original reporter has gathered some more information on what Ed Young has been doing with his $8 million dollar private jet. Spending a lot of time at his million dollar digs in Miami it turns out, but also travel to numerous other vacation spots. Here’s the report:

Here is the response from Ed’s New York public relations firm. You’ll notice that they don’t deny any of the facts. They do say this:

Church partners graciously donated over $200,000 to Haiti relief efforts, and proceeds of the funds have been provided to the Florida Baptist Convention and Convoy of Hope to ship immediate supplies. With the chaotic situation in Haiti, and ongoing concerns regarding necessary due diligence, Fellowship Church has sent teams to Haiti since the disaster occurred to support ongoing relief efforts, establish relationships with other organizations and obtain information about how to best provide assistance. This Friday a team of 6 Pastors, led by Pastor Young will land in Haiti to ascertain the situation on the ground and further determine where our help is most needed. We expect to help the people of Haiti well after the newspapers and TV stations aren’t covering the devastation there. We take our work, our word and our role very seriously.

That all sounds great. Really. But it turns out that Ed probably spent five times that amount on his Miami condo and ten times that amount flying to his Miami condo. And if it’s true that the church paid $8 million for his jet, then they spent 40X as much to let their pastor jet around the country in grand style as they did on Haiti relief. Does that sound right to you?

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