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Sister of Fort Dix Terror Plotter Attacked in School

John on October 16, 2007 at 10:58 pm

Fortunately, events like this have been extremely rare in the US. This one barely qualifies as a genuine case of “Islamaphobia” given that a) the kid’s family may well be genuine terrorists (or at least terrorist wannabes) and b) the attacker appears to have been a junior high student.

I’m as upset with the results of Islam as anyone. Still, I hate to see this kind of reaction:

The 12-year-old sister of a suspect in the alleged terrorist plot to attack Fort Dix was reportedly attacked at her Cherry Hill middle school, two of her relatives said Tuesday.

The girl, who is the younger sister of Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, was allegedly choked and punched in the face while walking down the hallway to class by a teenager, her father and older sister told reporters Tuesday.

“He grabs her from the back and chokes her,” said Inas Shnewer, 19, relaying how her sister described the attack. “He says, ‘You terrorist,’ and then he punches her, and then he tells her that ‘your brother is never going to come back.”‘

But again, the attacker was probably around eleven. Eleven year olds do stupid things. I don’t think it’s time to tar the nation with the Islamophobia brush (though I suspect some may try).

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