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Rep. Grayson Calls Sarah Palin a Fascist

John on April 29, 2010 at 12:43 pm

He’s never been one for subtlety. Jump in to about 4 minutes if you just want to see Rep. Grayson make a fool of himself:

YouTube Preview Image

BTW, the Facebook map that Grayson is railing about was not unique to Palin, nor was her language about reloading instead of retreating. As I pointed out here, the DCCC and the DLC have both offered similar maps in the recent past. And militant language like the following was part of the President’s weekly radio address:

The insurance industry is rolling out the big guns and breaking out their massive war chest to marshal their forces for one last fight to save the status quo

Grayson, of course, has no comment about the President’s language or the DCCC’s “Targeted Republicans” map. In any case, remember this clip the next time Paul Krugman writes a column claiming that elected Democrats would never use language like this.

Update: They pulled the clip and I can’t find a copy anywhere else. If anyone sees it, let me know. Here’s a link to the show’s website where the statement is highlighted.

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