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Robert Chatigny: Obama Judicial Nominees More Than Meet the Eye

John on April 29, 2010 at 8:32 am

Obama’s judicial nominees are always more than meet the eye. In talks with liberal advocacy groups they speculate on the superiority of Latina judges (Sotomayor) or the destructive effects of conservative Chief Justices (Liu). But when questioned by the Senate they transform into strict constructionists faster than bumblebee becomes a Camaro.

Robert Chatigny is another example of the type. Nominated for a seat on the 2nd circuit, here he is under questioning by Senator Sessions. He is trying to explain why, in 2005, he told a defense attorney his client (a convicted sexual predator) should never have been convicted. He went on to threaten the attorney’s license if further appeals weren’t filed on the predator’s behalf. Best of all, he described the killer’s proclivity for sexual sadism as a “mitigating factor.” No, really.

YouTube Preview Image

That 10 seconds where Chatigny eeks out the words “I…was trying…to explain…” doesn’t inspire confidence. But of course Democrats in the Senate see no liberal activism here, just another all-American muscle car. Like ultra liberal Goodwin Liu, he’ll do his best to appear that way, at least until he’s confirmed.

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