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Joe Klein’s Hypocrisy in Black and White

John on October 15, 2007 at 6:45 pm

It’s no secret that Time’s Joe Klein is one of my five least favorite media liberals. His work for Time is consistently shoddy, even for a paid hack. I pointed out the idiocy of one of his recent efforts here.

Today, Newsbusters notes his latest bit of utter hypocrisy. Klein is riding the liberal wave on the SChip program, going after Republicans for daring to question the need for an expansion of federal health care.

As with most of his fellow lefties, Klein isn’t interested in arguing the facts, he wants to hide behind the 12 year old boy Democrats are using to push their agenda. So far, nothing too surprising.

Here’s where it gets interesting. A few years ago, when President Bush made similar use of children for political gain, Klein wanted to “throw up”:

That photo-op, this week with all of those babies made me want to throw up. It is so transparently political and cynical. I mean, you know, I think that the real thing that the Republican campaign Karl Rove is flying into is whether the level of his cynicism about all of these issues, and these sorts of photo-ops is gonna become an issue in this campaign itself. Are people gonna say, ‘How dumb do they think we are?’

I don’t think you’re dumb, Joe, just another liberal apparatchik who’ll do anything for the cause. A little integrity wouldn’t kill you, would it?

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