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Whose Side is Vermont On?

John on January 14, 2006 at 5:50 pm

I noted and Scott wrote about Judge Cashman in Vermont. Judge Cashman gave a 60 day sentence (plus counseling) to Mark Hulett, the man convicted of repeatedly molesting a pre-teen girl.

Now the Burlington Free Press is reporting that Hulett had a friend named Derek Kimball who has been indicted for molesting the same girl. True to form, Kimball was released on bond pending his trial. So instead of festering behind bars where he belongs, Kimball is walking around free prior to his trial, doing God knows what. Is this normal treatment for accused child rapists or is there something in the water up there? [HT: Doug Tennapel]

At this point, I was prepared to write a really snarky post about my suggestions for a new state motto, but as it happens Vermont is beyond mockery. I went to the state’s official website and noticed they have a page called Health & Public Safety. And there on the page is a link to social programs. Clicking on the link gives you several more links including “Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics” and “Reporting Child Abuses.”

As you’ll notice, clicking on that last link gives you a Page Not Found error. That’s right, if you want to report child abuse on Vermont’s official website what you get is a dead link. Not that it matters. Even if you could report the abuse, Vermont’s legal system would have the perpetrator back on the street in no time.

For those unfortunate enough to live there, here is the information that used to appear on that page, courtesy of the internet archive:

Social Services District Offices
are open Monday through Friday
from 7:45am to 4:30pm

For an after-hours emergency,
call 1-800-649-5285

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