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Spared from the Destruction

John on April 26, 2010 at 8:44 am

You’ve probably heard about the devastating tornado that ripped through Mississippi. At least 10 people were killed. The stories are tragic, including this one:

Sherry Fair rushed to her aunt’s home in the county. She said an hour and a half after the tornado passed, a woman lay dying in a ditch along a dirt road beside the body of her husband.

“She was laying there just crying,” a shaken Fair said. “She was broke up bad. It hurt me watching, but nobody could get to her. The ambulances couldn’t get through because of the trees.”

Amazingly, some of those who were in the path of the destruction survived, including Dale Thrasher. His story is worth repeating:

Dale Thrasher, 60, had been alone in Hillcrest Baptist Church when the tornado ripped away wood and metal until all that was left was rubble, Thrasher and the communion table he had climbed under as he prayed for protection.

“The whole building caved in,” he said. “But me and that table were still there.”

You can see the remnants of Hillcrest Baptist in the background:

Isn’t this the Gospel?

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