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A Dream Come True…Almost!!!

Scott on January 14, 2006 at 5:07 pm

As you may have noticed, our blog is described as “an eclectic Christian blog by two guys from Orange County, CA.” That is only partially true. One of these two Christian guys, namely me, was born and raised in and around Seattle, Washington.

Today I had the opportunity to witness something that I have drempt about since I first became interested in football during 7th grade in 1978,…namely the success of the Seattle Seahawks as a professional football team. During my years in junior high and senior high, my friends and I would hope for the success of Hawks, but would end of settling for the 49ers or the Raiders. Some of the more radical guys I knew even rooted for the Broncos, though must of us hated Denver simply because they weren’t a team from the coast.

Though the 49ers had Montana and Rice, and the Raiders had Alzado and Long,…these teams never seemed to measure up to the class and “niceness” of Zorn and Largent, two legendary Seahawks who made life in Seattle interesting and something to be proud of as a young teenage guys.

And there was a ray of hope in 1984, the year that the Hawks won their division,…but the ray died quickly as they lost their next game.

As I graduated from high school in 1984 and went to college in Oregon, and then eventually moved down to California, I carried the hope inside of me that someday the Seahawks would receive the respect that they so deserved. During these years, I carried the history with me…Jim Zorn, Steve Largent, Jack Patera, Chuck Knox, Dan Dornick, Curt Warner, Sherman Smith, Norm Johnson, Dave Brown, Kenny Easley, etc. The history of the Seahawks has always been a history of pride and class, even if their seasons always seemed to end at the last second of the last game of the regular season.

And now here we are,…I’m almost 40 and my Seahawks are finally going where my junior high and high school friends always knew they deserved to be,…playing with the greats and headed towards the Super Bowl.

I just wanted to say,…Way to go, Seahawks. We always knew you could do it!

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