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The Purge in Myanmar

John on October 13, 2007 at 10:41 am

Things continue to fall apart in Burma. The ruling junta is secretly executing Buddhist monks by night in a policy reminiscent of Hitler’s nighttime purges of Jews, a simultaneous purge of ethnic and religious minorities — most of whom are Christian — appears to be official policy:

According to a leaked document obtained by Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Myanmar’s military regime has embarked on a plan to rid the country of Christians through force and persuasion.
“The Christian religion is very gentle—identify and utilize its weakness,” explains the plan, titled “Program to Destroy the Christian Religion in Burma.”

Newly reported today, three remaining organizers of the pro-democracy push have been arrested:

Amnesty fears the detainees are at risk of torture and ill treatment.”All three were involved in the early demonstrations at the end of August of this year and then basically went into hiding and were sought by the authorities, and they were only discovered today,” Amnesty representative Daniel Alberman told the BBC’s Newshour programme.

Burmese activists and dissidents say several thousand people have been taken into detention since troops and armed police cracked down on the protests at the end of September.

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