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Video: ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Attacks Conservatives, Promotes Socialism

Morgen on April 20, 2010 at 10:32 pm

I was going to title this post “Bertha Lewis brings the crazy”…and believe me, she does…but given the serious nature of the ideological conflict currently being waged in America, I think it is important to at least show some respect for the perspectives of our political opponents. Even when they seem a little unhinged. Ultimately we need to win the war of ideas, and engaging in hyperbole and character assassination should remain the primary weapon of our opponents. Momentum is on our side in this fight due to the overreach of the current regime, and because a majority of Americans share our core values of personal responsibility and fiscal restraint on the part of the federal government.

But in order for us to achieve a lasting shift in political power starting this November, it is imperative that we continue to differentiate our broader vision for America with that of our opponents. While labeling liberal Democrats and other progressives as “socialists” now invites an instant loss of credibility (even amongst many conservatives), it is a designation easily understood to mean someone who clearly does not believe in the primacy of individual responsibility and limited government. And so when a notable progressive publicly aligns themselves with the socialist cause, it presents a rare opportunity to demonstrate to the broader American public the core philosophy and the long-term agenda which underly so much of the “progressive” political platform.

So on this note, here is Bertha Lewis speaking at the Winter Conference of the Young Democratic Socialists on March 25, 2010:

YouTube Preview Image

While she certainly seems sincere, it is almost unimaginable that she truly believes the coming conservative re-alignment will lead to a new era of McCarthyism, segregation – and internment!? More than likely, considering the audience, she was purposefully exaggerating in order to build momentum towards her recruitment pitch. But in case there is any doubt, I think I can safely speak for most conservatives in saying that our only interest is in achieving (overwhelming) victory at the ballot box, and then beginning to get the growth of Big Government and federal spending under control.

Frankly, we want more progressives to openly declare their belief in democratic socialism. Because in an open and honest debate of principles and ideas, there is no doubt we win with the American public. So any talk about renewed McCarthyism, segregation, and internment (!?) is just utterly ridiculous. This seems more like the ravings of someone with a persecution complex to me. (Which is perhaps somewhat understandable, given the past 6-8 months for ACORN and Ms. Lewis.)

Of course it is also important to keep in mind that ACORN was once viewed as a fairly mainstream, non-profit organization. Not only have they received federal funding for years (and a recent court order ensures that they still do), but they have also received millions of dollars in grants from corporate America, including Bank of America, Citibank, and JP Morgan Chase, as well as the Ford Foundation and many other foundations and charitable trusts.

Ms. Lewis has also been granted extensive air time on the major networks over the past several months, which she has invariably used to not only defend ACORN, but to also attack and smear her conservative critics.

While people like Ms. Lewis are fully entitled to believe whatever they wish, and recruit and organize to their heart’s content in order to advance their goals, it is morally (and probably, legally) wrong for them to misrepresent their underlying principles, and long-term organizational objectives, to those who provide funding for their operations. With all the information that has come out about ACORN in the preceding few years, and especially the last, it is pretty clear that they have engaged in this type of deception, along with many other questionable practices.

The fact that Ms. Lewis is apparently an unabashed socialist is probably the least of ACORN’s concerns at this point. But the fact that she has been defended, and in many cases openly embraced, by so many mainstream progressives this past year, combined with her statements highlighted here, provides a rare glimpse into the unspoken belief system which many progressives undoubtably share.

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