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Clinton Running the Old Playbook

John on April 18, 2010 at 2:34 pm

Byron York has a must read piece:

With the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing Monday, former President Bill Clinton is playing a starring role in the liberal effort to draw what the New York Times calls “parallels between the antigovernment tone that preceded that devastating attack and the political tumult of today.” The short version of the narrative is: Today’s Tea Partiers are tomorrow’s right-wing bombers.


What Clinton and his supporters do not talk about is the way in which Clinton, aided by pollster/adviser Dick Morris, exploited the bombing to make a political comeback from what was the lowest point in Clinton’s presidency to that time. (The Lewinsky scandal was still three years in the future.)  In the days after Oklahoma City, Clinton and Morris devised a plan to use the bombing to discredit and outmaneuver the new Republican majority in Congress.

Click over to read the details. This isn’t supposition. They really had such a plan and it worked.

Starting last Summer there were reports that Democratic staffers were passing out press releases painting Town Hall attendees as Nazis. Then you had the bogus DHS report on right wing extremism. Since the Town Hall groups coalesced into the Tea Parties, we’ve had endless attempts to label them racist and tie them, however possible, to violence. This included labeling anti-Bush, anti-religion, pro health reform, pro communist Joe Stack a “tea party terrorist.” Joe Bedell who was a 9-11 truther and a registered Democrat was also painted as a case of right-wing violence.

Then, immediately after health care passed, we had the spitting story (bogus), the gay-slur story (true) and the N-word story (unproven). We also had a high profile raid on a militia made up of 8 people (one of whom was a registered Democrat).

Is it just possible that Obama (or more likely Axelrod) is coordinating all of this in order to dig out of the hole they are in? Yes, I know George Tiller was shot and killed. That’s genuine right wing violence and I’m not denying or ignoring that. But don’t forget Jim Pouillon who was shot and killed while holding a pro-life sign in Flint, Michigan. One of these incidents got a whole lot more press coverage than the other.

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