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Iran’s Envoy to Iraq a Quds Force Terrorist

John on October 8, 2007 at 4:40 pm

So says General Petraeus in comments to several news sources yesterday:

“The ambassador is a Quds force member,” Gen Petraeus told reporters at the weekend. “Now he has diplomatic immunity and therefore he is obviously not subject [to scrutiny].”

Hours after Gen Petraeus spoke to CNN and Reuters at a US military base near the Iranian border, the US military said it had arrested three members of an Iranian-backed militia believed to be responsible for the kidnapping of five Britons.

The Britons – a computer expert and four bodyguards – were taken from the finance ministry in Baghdad last May by gunmen dressed in police commander uniforms without a shot being fired.

The ambassador, Hassan Kazemi-Qomi, is the same person US envoy Ryan Crocker has been negotiating with. No wonder we aren’t making any progress. We’re negotiating with a terrorist who has no intention of bending an inch.

According to this Iranian resistance website, Qomi has a long history of terrorist activities and is part of an effort to destroy resistance to Iran within Iraq:

[T]he Iranian Resistance just revealed on Friday, “The deadly Quds Force has prepared the list of 8,331 Iraqi political, national and religious leaders opposing to the Iranian regime meddling in their country to be assassinated by its local recruits in Iraq,” the statement elaborated.

“The ruling clerics through 53 supposedly humanitarian entities are pursuing their criminal intents in Iraq. Another instrument to devour the nation is thousands of mullahs poured into Iraqi cities since 2003.”

NCRI added, “According to information received from inside the regime, the Quds Force sent a certain amount of Mustard Gas to an area near Ashraf City (home to the members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in Iraq) to poison the members of its opposition in Iraq.”

If Qomi really is a Quds Force mastermind inside Iraq, we need to do something about it. Letting our enemies hide their activities behind a bogus claim of “diplomatic immunity” is insanity. These guys are killing our soldiers.

Where is Jack Bauer when we need him?

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