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Thank You, New York Times

John on January 13, 2006 at 9:39 am

Michelle Malkin has a great post today about some recent suspicious activity around the country. It seems that groups of young Middle Eastern men have been coming into Wal Mart and Target stores and buying disposable cell phones by the barrel. Suspicious employees contacted police. Police investigation of the incidents led them to contact the FBI. The FBI has confirmed that some of the individuals had ties to suspected terrorist cells.

One of the incidents happened in Midland, Texas and the incident report notes:

[S]pecial agents reported that similar incidents centering on the large-scale purchases of “TracPhones” had been reported throughout the nation – identifying individuals of middle-eastern descent as the purchasers.

Michelle links to this ABC report which says that reports have come in from other cities, including Dallas, and from authorities in other states, including one from Hemet, CA.

Why is this important? Because these phones are largely untraceable, which suggests these individuals are trying to hide something. In addition, they can be used as detanators for bombs. In fact, this type of phone was used to set off the Madrid train bombings.

But here’s the real kicker. Why are all these incidents happening now? Why, suddenly, just before the new year, a sudden upsurge in untraceable phones by people who appear to have terrorist connections? Here’s a hint from the Astute Blogger:

All of these large sales came RIGHT AFTER the NYTIMES NSA leak (12/15/05). Though this is circumstantial, it is HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE that the leak alerted the sleeper cells HERE (and perhaps elsewhere), and that they are adapting their SOP’s as a result; thus, they are making it tougher for us to prevent an attack.

So far, Bush Derangement Syndrome hasn’t claimed any victims, but if the publication of this leak by the Times leads to an attack within our borders, one which might have been prevented had terrorists not been advised how to avoid detection, I hope someone at the Times goes to prison.

Freedom of the press is an inviolate piece of who we are as a nation, but it is not a license to break the law and get a bunch of us killed. Speaking as someone who lives in a town where high explosive blasting caps were discovered in a residential area just this week, I’d really rather not see anyone I know die as a result of the Times’ stage 4 Bush Derangement Syndrome. And by the way, guess what authorities in my town did when the blasting caps were discovered. They immediately banned the use of cell phones in the area, which can easily trigger the caps. Thank you, New York Times. Thanks ever so much.

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