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Catching Up with the Latest Left Wing Violence (Update)

John on April 15, 2010 at 10:38 pm

Been following the story of two attendees to the SRLC who were beaten in the street a couple days ago. I’ve been waiting for it to come into greater focus…That focus has now been largely provided thanks to Pat Dollard:

I just had a very interesting and somewhat confusing conversation with New Orleans Police Department Public Information Officer Bob Young.

Mr. Young confirmed to me that the New Orleans police had indeed taken statements from both of the victims, Jindal aide Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joe Brown. He confirmed that in those statements, the victims reported that their assailants had indeed hurled “insults” at them, and the “insults” were, and I quote, “of a political nature”. Describing the entire attack, he went on to say “it was of a political nature”.

There is also plenty of evidence that SRLC protesters were going into the French Quarter looking for trouble. Can the incident and the protest be connected? I suspect so, but we’ll have to wait on an arrest by the NOPD to settle that one.

This was a very serious attack. As the statement from Governor Jindal notes:

Allee’s leg was badly broken in the incident, she has had surgery, and she is facing a recovery time of two to three months. Her boyfriend had a concussion, and also a fractured nose and jaw. They are both expected to fully recover.

If ever there was a case to be made for a “climate of hate” it would be the one that media has generated toward the tea partiers. Will they hold themselves responsible for this? Of course not.

And maybe that’s just fine. Free speech shouldn’t be held hostage to the potential for bad behavior by anarchist morons. It would be nice however if that same nuance were extended to conservatives and the tea party itself. So, just to take a recent example, when Joe Stack kills himself he instantly became the “tea party terrorist” despite the fact that he was an anti-Bush, anti-religion liberal and possibly a communist. If that’s the standard, then I expect a similar treatment when liberals target conservatives and break bones in the street.

A little consistency in the press treatment of these incidents would be a nice change of pace. Until that day comes, I’ll keep pointing out that if we want to play the blame game with political violence, the left is losing.

Update: Michelle Malkin is reporting that the police report claims no specific mention of politics in the attack. This directly contradicts what Pat Dollard was told, but the spokesman who told him it was political later retracted his statement. I continue to think this was probably political, but agree the evidence is less clear. Hopefully these creeps will be arrested and we’ll find out what they were up to.

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