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MSM Idiot Quote of the Day

John on October 5, 2007 at 4:16 pm

For pure obnoxiousness it’s hard to beat Time’s Joe Klein:

You had an administration that endorsed the troglyditic religious views of Christian fundamentalist mullahs, intervening in the private life or death decision of the Schiavo family, blocking legitimate scientific research, and even refusing to allow literature at the Grand Canyon that mentioned the real age of that marvel because it contradicted the Book of Genesis.

Tom Bevan of RCP notes that Joe can’t spell (something I’ve been guilty of at times — then again I don’t work for Time magazine).

One of Joe’s commenters notes that the story about the Grand Canyon is about as reliable as CBS reporting on President Bush’s service record. Note, this denial/explanation comes from a skeptic site, not a Christian site. How long has Joe carried this little fictional grievance around?

As for the Christian mullahs remark, it’s just one more tiresome conflation of Christianity and Islam that serves the demagogic interests of big media liberals and atheists (but I repeat myself). Anyone not working for a major media outlet can see the two are not equivalent.

The reference to Terry Schiavo’s family is guffaw inducing. I seem to remember Terry also had parents who were happy to care for her. Now I’ll grant that based on the autopsy, it’s likely that Terry really was gone long before the forced starvation of her body. It’s still a dangerous precedent, especially when so many victims of PVS are misdiagnosed. I’d still rather be on the side of avoiding error when it comes to someone’s life. Funny thing is, I bet Joe Klein could make a good go of the same argument if the issue were the death penalty. You don’t have to be a “mullah” to resist putting someone to death when there is a question about their status, just a thoughtful human being.

Finally, the “legitimate scientific research” Joe is bleating about is undoubtedly Embryonic Stem Cell research. This is one of media liberals favorite big lies. In fact, ESCR has not been blocked. Private funds can still pay for the research. And the fact remains that ESCR has produced nothing of value. Nothing. Adult stem cell research continues to make strides but is disfavored by scientific illiterates like Joe Klein because it doesn’t have the same rhetorical value to the leftist cause.

Time magazine is probably paying Klein a lot of money for his shoddy blogging. If anyone over at Time is reading, I’m available. And, hey, I can work on my spelling.

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