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Jason Levin’s Political Manifesto Uncovered – Apparently He Supports the Legalization of Heroin, Polygamy, and Torture Among Other Things (Updated)

Morgen on April 13, 2010 at 11:35 am

So Jason Levin is the total moron who put together the “Crash the Tea Party” web site. Levin is not your garden variety moron though. I mean it takes a pretty impressive level of idiocy to attempt to covertly infiltrate the biggest and most widely covered political movement in the country at the moment using a publicly available web site to provide details and solicit support for your plan. This idea is so completely idiotic that when I first heard about it I figured Levin would turn out to be an internet marketer and that this was really just a PR ploy. But alas, it seems he really is just stupid.

However, since Levin is now getting some media coverage for his little scheme – from the AP and TPM among others – I decided to dig around a bit and see if I could add anything interesting to the public record on Mr. Levin. (Not surprisingly, Free Republic was the first to expose Levin’s real identity and has dug up a lot of other useful information about him.)

What I managed to find is Levin’s personal blog on Blogger, which unfortunately (if not surprisingly) seems to have been recently blocked from public view. Equally regrettable, the site is also excluded from Google’s web caching feature so it is impossible to view any full pages on his site. However, by using the partial text results from this Google search, along with a Digg post, and some guesswork on key words, I’ve been able to uncover the gist of a blog post of Levin’s from May 2008 entitled “My Personal Political Manifesto”. It’s organized into ten statements of belief. Here are the partial segments I was able to uncover:

[Update (4/14): I've attempted to re-construct the text leading into Levin's 10 point manifesto. All of the text in italics below consists of Levin's own words, but I may not have gotten everything in the correct order, and I am definitely missing some parts. Including some transitionary statements. I have also added a brief segment to his statement in #4 below. Levin could make this much easier and unlock his blog for all to see, while anyone is still paying attention. As people have pointed out in the comments section here and on Big Journalism, many of his beliefs are quite reasonable and line up with what other libertarians and libertarian-leaning conservatives believe. It seems though that he hasn't completely left behind his liberal roots.]

First, I’d like to tell you a little about my intellectual evolution over the past 10 years: In Pennsylvania I was a dyed-in-the-wool liberal…After moving to California and living in the dessert for a year I was offered a job in the San Francisco Bay Area (right around the time George W. was APPOINTED president by the supreme court). While living in the Bay I experienced an odd sensation. I found that living in a liberal fishbowl did not appeal to me. The fact that everyone thought exactly the same way did not inspire intelligent political discourse. In fact, as a gun owner I learned quickly that there is an orthodoxy to the left that is just as pig-headed and irrational as those on the right…So I am No Fan of Nancy Pelosi, or members of her ilk. More than ever, I find myself following the Libertarian tenants of personal responsibility, and choice as the core of freedom…In essencemy philosophy revolves around a simple central idealTrue Freedom is the greatest thing a society can offer it’s constituents…

Oregon is the only state in 50 with a “right to die” law (something I support strongly) and where marijuana is basically legal (something I also support). Basically, Oregon is the “Leave Me the Fuck Alone” state…

I was one of the first people I know to posit the theory that we are intentionally fucking up Iraq to destabilize the middle east, and to allow Iran to fight a proxy war with Saudi Arabia. If that is our plan, then I have nothing but respect for those geniuses in the pentagon. We need to sit back and let those bastards kill each other [instead of us] and then have a cold war with the Caliphate that rises from the ashes…But if this is indeed the plan, we have already been there too long, and lost too many American lives…

I have absolutely no problem with conservative thought and opinion. The older I get, and closer to having a child (due 8/26) the more I see the wisdom of a certain amount of social equilibrium over tumultuous change. But I am not willing to support that equilibrium at the cost of personal individual freedoms. Which brings us to my 10 point manifesto. I believe:

1. You own your body. If you want to put drugs into it (like weed, heroin, alcohol, or tobacco) you should be free to do so. And it should be taxed. If you want to sell your body, you should be free to do so. And it should be taxed. Both should be regulated (like the food supply) to ensure public safety. Both should be available only to adults. Also if you want to kill yourself, be my guest. It’s your body so it’s your decision to leave it.

2. Everyone is free to get married. That goes for a man and a woman, two men, two women, three women and a man, four men and two women, whatever…So go ahead and do whatever the hell you want in your own bedroom, as long as the participants are all consenting adults. Oh, and if being Gay is “against God’s will” why does every species on the planet engage in homosexual behavior?

3. Everyone must be provided with basic healthcare. Universal government sponsored healthcare as a baseline is just as much of a necessity for a thriving society as public schools.

4. Church and State must remain separate. One of the biggest problems in this country right now is the hijacking of the republican party by right-wing fundamentalists who are convinced that 2000 years ago the “Sky Daddy” had a baby with a virgin, and for some reason this entitles them to tell the rest of us how to live and what to think.

5. Which brings us to war and the death penalty…I believe that there are some truly evil motherfuckers on this planet who deserve to die. I do not condone attacking a country that had nothing to do with 911, nor do I condone interventionist foreign policy. If Saddam was so evil, why haven’t we attacked Kim Jong il? That crazy sonofabitch has nukes!!! Unless someone physically attacks us here on American soil (ala pearl harbor) we should not go to war. But if we do go to war, we need to kick as much ass as is humanly possible. Kill, Maim, Torture, take the gloves way the fuck off! That is how you wage War. This of course, should only be used as a last resort. I also have no moral or ethical problem with the death penalty. The only reason I don’t support the death penalty is that I truly believe the judicial system in its current form is too inept to hand down such an such an irreversible punishment.

6. Which is why I believe citizenship should be earned. Either through military service, public works service, or foreign service (peacecorp, drs. without borders etc.). Only then should you have the right to vote, sit on a jury, or hold public office. Perhaps if these privileges were earned, they would finally be respected.

7. Politics is NOT a career. Public service is something you do while on hiatus from your regular vocation. You should get elected, serve a term or two, and get the fuck out. Only by adhering to these strict standards can we hope for altruism in our elected officials. Politics is a dirty business and no matter how clean you were when you started, the longer you stay in the dirtier you get. That collective dirt seeps into the gears and inevitably harms the machine as a whole. In addition to serious term limits, we need at least 3 political parties in this country! Having only two has led to a stagnant and polarized system which caters to lobbyists and does not serve the interests of the majority of Americans (most of whom are somewhere in the middle).

8. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions! If you break it, buy it. If you spill hot coffee in your lap, don’t sue McDonalds. Learn that coffee = hot and move on! Thus “Loser Pays” [court costs] lawsuits should be the rule, as only those with a righteous beef will bring suit…

9. Corporations need to be subject to the same rules as individuals and should be required to maintain “citizenship” in this country in order to do business…

10. Finally, If you don’t like what’s on the TV or the radio, it has 2 buttons. One to change the channel, and one to turn it OFF. The FCC should not be allowed to regulate content. The only thing they should do is issue licenses to TV stations to avoid a monopoly of media control. News needs to be about information not infotainment. The time was for a TV station to maintain its license they had to air a certain amount of commercial free community oriented programming.

Frankly, I am almost speechless with the brilliance of all this. How could I have made it to this point in my life without realizing that there is such a thing as a fascist libertarian? What an imbecile. But take away his lunacy, with some of his beliefs he actually has as much in common with Tea Partiers as he does with liberal Democrats. I suspect much of his rancor is based on his apparent atheism, general lack of morality, and perhaps the fight over healthcare reform. I hate to break it to you Jason, but if you think a government run health system is going to let you load up on weed and heroin to your heart’s content you are in for an unpleasant surprise.

(Note: for many – but not all – of the items above I was able to recover additional text than what is linked above by copying the last few words of the search result text into the Google search string and then searching again. When this works, it advances the underlying text displayed in the search result.)

Update: So Levin has now linked this post on his Twitter feed. I just want to add that I would not be at all surprised if the “Crash the Tea Party” thing was a well-orchestrated prank on his part. However, his Blogger posts date back to 2007 and there is nothing I’ve seen within them to suggest that they are (or were) not sincerely held beliefs. So while liberals blogs – and likely Levin himself – are laughing it up over the reaction this has caused on the right, I wonder how funny they will all think it is that they are aligning themselves with someone who supports the use of torture in war, polygamy, and the legalization of heroin and marijuana. Keep on laughing guys…you will find a lot less to be amused about after November.

John Adds: Say what you will, this is reasonably coherent for an 18 year old freshman in college. I’m sure as he matures he’ll realize just how sophomoric some of this sounds. Wait…2008…How old was this guy when he wrote this?

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