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Fatah’s Faux News Stories

John on October 2, 2007 at 2:32 pm

An interesting bit of Journalistic malpractice came to light in the Jerusalem Post. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas apparently was part of a false story about his Fatah people seizing two rockets in Bethlehem and turning them over to the Israeli Defense Forces. This story was perfectly timed to coincide with Abbas meeting with President Bush and was obviously meant to create the impression of a “partner for peace” mentality. Abbas himself used it as an example of his government’s good behavior in an interview with the Washington Post.

Only one problem, the story was bogus.

For some reason, the Post published the interview with Abbas without mentioning that the “rocket raid” was stagecraft:

Speaking to The Washington Post on Thursday, Abbas used the story to explain why Israel should feel comfortable giving Fatah all of Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem. Responding to a question regarding his view of Israel’s concern that areas transferred to Palestinian control will be used as operational bases for carrying out attacks against its cities Abbas said, “Last night, [our security forces] seized two rockets. We handed [them] over to the Israelis. We are very worried about these deeds and I think we can put an end to all this. Our security apparatus is ready to stop all kinds of violence.”

The Washington Post published the interview without noting that the story was a total fabrication. The “rockets” that Fatah transferred to the IDF were just a pile of metal pipes which had apparently been used as toys by local children. The IDF had already noted that the rockets weren’t real when The Washington Post conducted its interview with Abbas. Unlike Abu Toameh and The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Post and its veteran reporter Lally Weymouth saw no reason to mention that Abbas’s anti-terror credentials were based on nothing but lies manufactured by his own propaganda arms.

I haven’t discovered a correction for this yet in the Post. Perhaps one is forthcoming?

As the Jerusalem Post story notes, this comes on the heals of a far more disturbing “fake story” in which Fatah operatives staged the honor killing of a 16 year old girl for the sake of making themselves appear moderate.  When I say staged I mean that literally. It was a performance. No one was killed. The “eyewitnesses” were Fatah militants. Nevertheless, a story about the killing actually appeared in the JP online paper but the falsehood was discovered before it hit the presses.

This is fauxtography all over again. Once again the aim is to engender sympathy for the unsympathetic.

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