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Bill O’Reilly Discusses Goodwin Liu Reparations Video

Morgen on April 1, 2010 at 11:58 pm

This is pretty cool – last night Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly discussed the video clip we found and posted of Goodwin Liu discussing reparations. Unfortunately the only clip available seems to be this one from our pals at Media Matters:

Sadly, Megyn Kelly has been defending Obama’s nomination of Liu since it was first announced, so her comments here are not a surprise. I think it would be reasonable for her or anyone else to argue that the President is entitled to nominate whomever he wants. Obviously. And further, you can make a decent argument that Liu should be allowed an up or down vote in the Senate. In spite of the frequent filibustering by Democrats of Bush judicial nominees, most if not all of whom were far less ideologically extreme than Liu.

But I think Kelly goes a little too far in characterizing Liu as a typical liberal judicial nominee. Liu in fact is far, far to the left of most Americans. As Stuart Taylor asserts in this piece at the National Journal, his positions on racial integration and other issues are to the left of even most Democrats. So I think his confirmation by the Senate should be far from a given.

As to our friends at Media Matters who continue to deny that Liu spoke in support of reparations, I direct you to this earlier post of ours which includes a longer video clip with the full context of the discussion leading into Liu’s comments. Don’t fall out of your chair, but Media Matters is not exactly telling the truth about this.

John Adds: After Media Matters last post about Liu I left a comment explaining why they were wrong. Three days later the comment has not appeared on the site (which I take to mean my comments were on target). But it’s worth noting that the hacks at MM don’t even allow reasoned disagreement for fear their readers might be confused by the truth.

I’ve encountered this before at Slice of Laodicea and Shannyn Moore’s blog and I find it infuriating every time. In my view, this is a breech of an unwritten law of the web, one which I will now attempt to codify as Media Matters law:

If you don’t practice free speech on your site, you don’t matter.

I don’t mean this in some karmic fashion, i.e. what comes around goes around. I mean that sites that don’t allow reasoned dissent on their own little slice of the web should be shunned and ignored, not unlike the way we treat rogue nations. You want a seat at the table? Respect others right to disagree. It really should be that simple. As I mentioned, blogs on the left and right do this so this is a non-partisan idea.

BTW, this doesn’t mean you have to put up with threats and harassment, but there is no excuse for disallowing polite, reasoned commentary from other points of view. It’s fundamental.

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