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15 Years of Critical Mass

John on September 28, 2007 at 9:50 am

Man, I’m glad I don’t live in San Francisco. People up there have been putting up with the annoying anarchists of “Critical Mass” for 15 years. Every month for a decade and a half the city has been overtaken by cyclists who block traffic, ignore stop lights and are rude (and sometimes threatening) to motorists.

I wrote about an incident back in April in which a few angry members surrounded a minivan full of kids and terrified them. Kids, by the way, are a lot less popular in San Fran than bikes and dogs. That should tell you something.

Anyway, on this 15th anniversary, have another look at some of the comments about Critical Mass left by their fellow citizens. Here’s a sample (but there’s lots more where this came from):

  • When I first moved to San Francisco, I thought critical mass was a great idea. After eight years of seeing the event transform from a group of pleasant bikers making a point without violence to monthly reports of anarchist-bent rude hooligans has made me reconsider.
  • Critical Mass could be a great thing, I rode in it once, but it seems to be more about taunting people in cars than about enjoying a bike ride. How many of these bicyclists own cars I wonder?
  • I stopped riding in CM several years ago because I had witnessed several needless mob-behavior type incidents in which the cyclists were the aggressors and behaved extremely badly and rudely.

I also note that this SFGate story about the CM anniversary has a poll running in it’s sidebar. Here are the results as of this moment:

  • Has helped bicyclists make gains: 15%
  • Hasn’t changed the car culture significantly: 5%
  • Has alienated most people: 80%

I don’t even live there and I’m alienated.

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