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400K and Counting!

John on September 28, 2007 at 9:08 am

Love those big round numbers. We hit 400K hits today (not including spam) with just over 100K unique users. It’s still a long way to a million (at which point I intend to have a party).

Some of you may have noticed the new feature I added on the left sidebar under “Worth a Look.” It’s called a “sideblog” and I’m using it for things that I want to make note of but which don’t really need a lot of comment.

We’ll keep writing (hopefully more regularly) and we hope everyone who has been coming around and especially people who’ve been commenting (Tim and Cindy, Henry, Keith, and you know who you are) will stick around to liven things up.

Scott and I will be out of town at a retreat this weekend. I’ll have some new posts up before I leave.

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