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Is James Dobson the White Jesse Jackson?

John on September 22, 2007 at 4:54 pm

Is Dobson turning into the Jesse Jackson of white evangelicals? It’s starting to feel that way. Last week Jackson made a comment about Presidential candidate Barak Obama, saying he was acting white. This week Dobson had an email leaked in which he offers his opinion that Fred Thompson isn’t acting conservative enough or maybe Christian enough. Personally, I prefer it when bald-faced identity politics stays on the left where it belongs.

I’m not alone in being unhappy with Dobson’s high-profile tantrum. Yesterday, Gary Bauer took Dobson to task for his statements. Bauer said:

“I hope that we can, as a movement, be very wise about this, and not savage candidates that we may very well have to support in 2008 if they’re running against Hillary Clinton.”

Exactly right.

Don’t get me wrong, Dobson’s welcome to his opinion on Thompson and he’s welcome to make it public if he wants. But I wish he’d quit coming across as if he’s some sort of king maker for ’08. He’s not. Frankly, his opinion doesn’t matter an iota to me.

Well, that’s not completely true. It doesn’t affect my opinion of Thompson, but it does affect my opinion of Dobson, and that matters to me. All the nasty carping about Thompson — of which this is the second outbreak from Dobson — only belittles a man who has done a lot of good. This is the kind of thing that gives evangelicals a bad name. And if I’m unhappy about it I can only imagine the paroxysms secular progressives (i.e. liberals) are going into over this. Ahhh! Theocracy! Run away!

We don’t need another Jesse Jackson, Mr. Dobson.

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