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CSI Washington: Media Bad Actors

John on March 25, 2010 at 11:49 pm

In all art there is a fine line between, say, good acting and hammy scene stealing. The former is expected in films, the latter sometimes tolerated on TV because hammy can still bring in viewers.

In Washington, where Gallup stand in for Nielsen, the Democrats and their friends in the press have been giving us the equivalent of the infamous CSI-sunglasses-move. You know, the one where the lead (David Caruso) takes in the crime scene, makes an ironic quip as he slips on his shades, and then glides out of frame. Cue the Who!

The crime scene in this case is whatever example of right-wing extremism the press can drum up. If they can find a genuine example, like the shooting of George Tiller, they go with that. If not, they’ll find a way to transform a communist, Bush-basher into a right-wing ideologue.

The quips change from week to week, just as they do on TV, but the lines themselves don’t matter. Not really. What matters is the familiarity, the repetition, the setting of expectations which then are met with…something, anything to which the hosanna chorus of the paranoid left can say an amen.

This week the Democrats have really overplayed their hand. Reports of racist chants as black lawmakers passed through a throng of tea party protesters have yet to be verified by a single piece of video, audio or reporter’s eyewitness. Not that there are no video clips, there are several. In fact, two of the lawmakers making the claim were shooting the procession with their own flip cameras. And yet, no video of a racist name being uttered has surfaced, even as significant cash is offered for providing it.

Similarly, reports of someone spitting on one of the lawmakers turns out to be a case of someone yelling through cupped hands and, accidentally, sending spittle onto one gentleman’s cheek. No doubt this is unpleasant, but racist and violent?

Politico reported that someone had placed a casket on Russ Carnahan’s lawn, intimating that this was some kind of symbolic death threat. In fact, the casket was a prop in a prayer vigil which made a stop at Carnahan’s house to pray. I don’t recall Democrats objecting to this sort of theater when the protests were outside Ken Starr’s house. On the contrary, it was grand entertainment.

It’s true that a few windows of Democratic offices were broken, apparently inspired by a far right blogger. This is shameful and has been condemned by every conservative in a position to do so. On the other hand, this Monday someone fired a gun into the offices of a conservative congressman who opposed the bill. And just last week, when it looked like he might stop the bill, there were threats being made against Bart Stupak.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There have been a lot more incidents of left-wing violence before those. Here’s a list of a few I put up a few weeks ago. Here’s another one.

The point is, there’s no doubt that threats and violence are happening on both sides of the aisle. I would argue more incidents can be traced to the left than the right, but in any case it’s far from one sided. But you sure as hell wouldn’t get that impression from the MSM. Nice Deb notes some recent headlines at NewsBusters:

Where are the stories walking back some of the incendiary claims? It’s as if the MSM is only capable of giving us the same old shtick. This is how it’s supposed to go…Survey the chaos, make a quip about violent/racist tea party protesters as you slip on the highly polarized shades of “media fairness” and slink out of the news frame.

Cue the Who!

I’m sure that’s entertaining as hell for some people (including many in the White House), but it’s also crap. Let me let you MSM guys and gals in on a little secret: You’re all lousy actors! Everyone knows there are liberals hiding behind those shades. And more than a few of us can tell when your quips are being written for you by David Plouffe. It’s pathetic. You’ve become a laughing-stock.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The best actors improvise. They find the truth in the scene rather than being glued to the script. Do your job. Get the facts. Notice that this is being used for fund raising purposes by the DNC. Notice that a lot of the claims have turned out to be bogus or wildly over-hyped. Notice that left-wing violence had a long run during the Bush years and still seems right on the cusp of breaking out (like it did Monday and all those other times in my list).

Just get it right. Is that too much to ask? Then and only then, when you’ve written the truth instead of the narrative, can you cue the freaking Who.

Updated: Cue Paul Krugman who is working the narrative like a pole dancer.

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