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Sting’s Carbon Footprint is Ginormous!

John on September 15, 2007 at 1:02 am

I just can’t get enough of the eco-warrior/hypocrite stories. Knowing that Al Gore’s house uses more energy than six normal houses probably doesn’t warm the earth at all, but it warms my heart.

Today the Daily Mail goes after Sting for some of the same excesses. Speaking at Live Earth, Sting promised to cut back on his — ahem — spartan lifestyle:

At one point in the performance, Sting pledged to the audience that he would “work to reduce” his carbon footprint in the future.

A commendable objective – but what Sting didn’t mention was how much larger his carbon footprint is than just about anyone else’s.

He maintains no fewer than four properties in the UK with his ‘core’ home the 800-acre Lake House estate in Wiltshire, which boasts 14 bedrooms and eight baths.

Earlier this year, a glimpse into Sting’s daily routine at the mansion was provided by Jane Martin, 42, a cook who took the rock star and his wife Trudie Styler to an employment tribunal which awarded her £24,944 following her “shameful” dismissal from her job.

Revealing some of the “fabulous” lifestyle of her former employers, Ms Martin said that “opulent extravagance reigned” at Lake House, and that there was “no regard to expense, cost or wastage” where food and drink were concerned.

The cook added that she had often been required to make an expensive rail and taxi journey between London and Salisbury just to prepare a soup and salad meal for the family, even though they also kept two housekeepers, two nannies and a butler on the premises.


This same paragon of self-denying minimalism who reminds us all not to squander our resources also owns a three-storey mansion in Highgate, North London, a townhouse in Westminster and what’s described as a workman’s cottage in the Lake District.

He also maintains a beach house in Malibu, California, and a 600-acre estate in Tuscany.

And when Sting performs in New York he goes home at night to a £1 million duplex on Manhattan’s exclusive Upper East Side.

That’s the same guy who sang:

We can’t live here and be happy with less
With so many riches, so many souls
Everything we see that we want to possess

He’s a tremendous talent but he really needs to zip it. I don’t need a guy with 7 homes and a full time house staff of six telling me how to protect the earth.

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