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Our Enemies Speak: Put Bush on Trial (Updated)

John on September 14, 2007 at 1:08 pm

If you had to guess who said the following, who would it be?

A day will come that the current U.S. president and officials will be tried in an international supreme court for the catastrophes they caused in Iraq.

Here’s another hint?

the president of the United States — killer, genocidal, immoral — who should be taken to prison by an international court.

And another:

The Bush Administration has been following a course, which can only now be described as a series of crimes against humanity.

And another:

I believe Bush and Blair are too far gone for redemption. They both need to be removed from their power and tried for their war crimes and betrayals.

And one more?

Bush is also guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Okay, I lied. Those weren’t the words of one person at all. The first quote came just today from Iran’s own supreme leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei. The man is a kook and liar who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of coalition soldiers. As both British and US commanders have now made plain, Iran is involved in a proxy war with us in Iraq. In short, the Ayatollah is our enemy.

The second quote came from Hugo Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela who, after an election certified by Jimmy Carter, has now stated his intention to rule for about 20 years without elections. (Nice work, Jimmy!). Chavez is a thug masquerading as a statesman.

The third one is part of the final “verdict” of the Bush Commission, a group of liberals in New York who have already tried and convicted Bush for war crimes in absentia. You can read their final report (from which I took quote #2) here.

The forth one? None other than Cindy Sheehan, celebrated leader of the anti-war crowd at home and abroad.

The last quote came from Huffington Post contributor Sheldon Drobny. Sheldon’s bio notes that he “was the co-founder of Air America Radio.”

We could add many more names to this list including Michael Moore, who added his voice to the call for war crimes prosecution in July. Joe Biden seemed to be heading that way as well.

At some point you have to ask “Who are our enemies?” It seems to me the ones abroad are taking their cues from the ones at home.

Update: Hot Air points out the favorable reaction Digg users are having to Khamenei’s pronouncement. Digg users, btw, are overwhelmingly liberal and mostly atheists. Funny then that they would consider the Ayatollah a voice of reason.

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