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More DNC Astroturf for Health Reform

John on March 20, 2010 at 10:15 am

A few days ago I wrote about Organizing for America’s Astroturf letter writing campaign. Since OFA is “a project of the DNC” responsibility for this ultimately falls on them.

Yesterday, Climate Depot posted another account of DNC Astroturfing which, if true, is even worse:

there are allegations of astroturfing, and now a former Clinton White House staff member and former Democratic National Committee senior staff member is coming forward with more information.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, this source claims that many of the phone calls going to Capitol Hill in support of healthcare reform are actually coming from paid Organizing for America employees secretly working from the basement of the DNC. That’s right, according to this source, many calls in support of health care reform aren’t going into member offices on Capitol Hill from constituents in the states, they are being generated by the DNC itself – from the DNC’s own Capitol Hill-adjacent basement.

The source recalled earlier years spent working in the DNC HQ and said, “I always knew these places (the Republican and Democratic National Headquarters) to be used for calling political fundraisers and activists. Not for phone-baking Capitol Hill about legislation.” The real concern according to the source is that this type of operation prevents Members of Congress from hearing from their constituents by tying up phone lines and creates a false impression in the minds of legislators who rely on constituent feedback.

Do I believe this could be happening? Absolutely. However, the source of this information is unnamed. Not having spoken to this person myself, I can’t vouch for them obviously. However, if this individual wants to offer me an “off the record” interview, I can be reached at

And if there’s anyone else working at a call center in the basement of the DNC who would like to come clean about what’s going on there, why not send us a tip?

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