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Of HULU and Starsky and Hutch..

Scott on March 21, 2010 at 9:18 am

I love HULU.  Really love it.  It is a fantastic source for diversions both old and new.

Right now I am in the middle of a diversion of the old variety, specifically in the form of  Starsky and Hutch (the television series from the 70′s, not the travesty of a movie that came out a few years ago).

Starsky and Hutch is fun and engaging.  It provides characters with layers and back story who are not afraid to just do what they know is right.    Granted, it is also filled with male machismo and 70′s eye-candy to re-enforce the virility of the two main characters, but hey, what great television ISN’T?

I’m NOT saying that it’s Masterpiece Theater or I, Claudius (two other 70′s television series but of a much more high brow nature).  But there is something about Starsky and Hutch that is refreshingly different, as only an old-school show about buddy cops cleaning up the streets of Los Angeles could be!

Next up…

I Spy (with Bill Cosby and Robert Culp)

So anyone else watching anything good on HULU?

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