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Mark Levin Features VS Clip of Steny Hoyer on the “Slaughter Rule”

Morgen on March 17, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Mark Levin is pretty much my favorite talk radio host so it is always a thrill when he features an audio or video clip that we discovered. Here is Levin on his show this afternoon playing our clip of Steny Hoyer from last night:

[audio:|titles=Levin audio]

Levin has been at the forefront of this issue since the news first broke that House Democrats were considering using this “deem and pass” strategy for the health reform bill. While the President said today that he “doesn’t spend a lot of time worry about what the procedural rules are”, this congressional gimmickry is only adding fuel to the fire for the majority of Americans who are opposed to this health reform bill. When even someone like Chris Matthews is saying it’s a bad idea, you can rest assured that it’s a REALLY BAD IDEA.

But it is par for the course for an Administration which has decided to use every budget accounting trick, factual misrepresentation, and procedural gimmick they can dream up in order to force this bill on the American people. While it seems that they still have an uphill climb in garnering enough votes, I have a sinking feeling that they are going to be able to pull this off. However, I do not think they fully comprehend what sort of backlash will follow if this bill passes. It will be something to behold – and if Democrat strategists think that the impact will be limited only to the elections this November, I think they are in for a big surprise.

One way or another passage of this bill will re-shape the political landscape for years – if not generations – to come.

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