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Green Zone’s Defenders About What You’d Expect

John on March 17, 2010 at 8:49 am

Over at Kyle Smith’s blog he has a lively post about the generally poor reviews for Green Zone. This has brought out some defenders of the film including Sol. Sol gets challenged about the politics of the film and eventually lashes out:

You think I care what a zero-opportunity, zero talent, VETERAN has to say about me? Don’t be bitter just because I had a few more options in my life than joining the military and LIVING ON MY KNEES FOR A SUPERIOR OFFICER – you are a peon at best and a slave at worst – and you and your murderous army brothers disgust ME.

Yeah, that sounds like the sort of person who would like Green Zone to me.

Update: Sol tells us all what a genius he is here:

Certified genius actually – I could have read this blog when I was 3. Entered and quickly skipped Kindergarten reading at a high school level. Chucked the likes of Judy Blume and Encyclopedia Brown in favour of Stephen King when I was 8. I’ve been reading and absorbing information for quite a few years now – more than usual for someone my age. I’m smart, but understood at a young age that it was a gift – not an accomplishment/achievement I deserve to take credit for, and where I grew up people are pretty salt of the earth, so I’m humble about my intelligence – at least until some idiot tries to call me stupid.

This prompted blog owner Kyle Smith to offer the following challenge:

Whoever writes the best spoof of Sol’s last entry gets it highlighted in its own special blog post. It reminds me of the Dr. Evil monologue about his ordinary boyhood “Summers in Rangoon luge lessons”

Here’s my entry:

I started reading the New York Times at age four. After that I attended school intermittently attending only the grades with prime numbers (1,2,3,5,7,11).

I wanted to skip college and go straight to grad school in nuclear physics, but decided to take some time off and write a great American novel instead. It’s called The Sound and the Fury and Zombies. It didn’t sell well, but I hear the idea was picked up by lesser talents since.

I was drafted by the NSA to construct a computer that could turn ordinary cell phones into echo-location spy devices. I can’t confirm whether it worked but, well, some of you guys really need to hit the gym.

At 16 I solved the puzzle of dark energy using an old TI calculator someone gave me as a lark. It will take at least two decades for my theory to be confirmed observationally but I expect my Nobel prize well before I’m 40.

For kicks I created my own high IQ society for people in the top 0.000001%. So far I am the only member, but at present international birth rates another potential member could be born this decade (Keeping fingers crossed it’s a girl!).

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