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UK Commander: It’s a Proxy War with Iran

John on September 7, 2007 at 8:24 pm

From today’s Telegraph:

While the Army has frequently accused Iran of stirring violence across southern Iraq by arming Shia militias, no officer has been as blunt as Lt Col Patrick Sanders, commander of 4th Battalion The Rifles.

He told the BBC that 5,500 British soldiers still based at Basra Airport could return to the city if called upon by Iraq’s newly trained security forces.

This may happen if Iraq’s army needs help against Basra’s Shia militias – who Britain accuses Iran of arming and training.

“We are engaged, or we have been engaged, effectively in a proxy war with Iran and if that resumes then they (Iraq’s security forces) will need us to help,” Lt Col Sanders said.

And in a related story:

Cpl Matthew Cornish, 29, of 1Bn The Light Infantry, died during an attack on a coalition base in Basra last August.


Warrant officer Steven Gelston, an ammunition expert with the Royal Logistics Corps, told the hearing that scientific analysis of the mortar’s tailfin had proved “beyond doubt that it originated inside Iran”.

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