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Whatever Happened to Paul Mirecki?

John on January 10, 2006 at 11:36 am

It may appear I’ve taken a few days off. Actually, I’ve been engaged in a very good debate over at Joe Carter’s Evangelical Outpost. I don’t really know Joe (though I read his blog) but it has been very interesting. It began with this first post he did on the topic of evolutionary science as a substitute religion and here is his follow up. The debate appears to be winding down somewhat, so I’ll be back with something new tomorrow at the latest.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been wondering whatever happened to Paul Mirecki. The story built to such a high note with threats of lawsuits and bloggers everywhere commenting all sorts of wild theories about a police plot…and then nothing. Perhaps it really is over, but everytime I’ve thought that before, Mirecki reappears.

I actually e-mailed the sherriff’s dept. to see if there was any new public information, but so far no response from them (not surprising, really). But a scan of Technorati shows that he has been hanging out in Lawrence bars.

I guess this one ends with a whimper.

Update: I got a response from the Sherriff’s Dept. Their public relations person says in full, “There have been no recent developments in the Mirecki case. It continues to be an open investigation.”

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