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Bin Laden to the U.S. Citizenry – Come on in, the Water’s Fine!

Scott on September 7, 2007 at 2:55 pm

In the recently released Osama Bin Laden video, the ever-elusive bearded one had words of caution and advice to those of us living in the U.S.

Most interesting was Bin Laden’s exhortation that we should all join Islam as a method to stop the violence. Said the cave-dwelling, peek-a-boo-terrorist-mastermind-turned international celebrity:

“I invite you to embrace Islam It will also achieve your desire to stop the war as a consequence, because as soon as the warmongering owners of the major corporations realize that you have lost confidence in your democratic system and have begun to look for an alternative, and this alternative is Islam, they will run after you to please you and achieve what you want to steer you away from Islam.”

What a concept Stop the war by converting to Islam!

I like it. It’s simple and straightforward.

No more of these ridiculous attempts to introduce a free society and democratic ideals into the region. None of this talk about free elections with purple fingers held up in the air to demonstrate solidarity with the infidel dogs.Yes, sir, back to the good old days when the people were subjected to the whims of the Caliphate. Back to the bygone century when women knew their place and would hold their tongues (lest they be removed) and would dress modestly hiding every inch of their bodies (lest they be stoned).

I think we can all agree that freedom of speech and expression, the right to assembly, freedom of religion, women’s rights, etc all HIGHLY overrated.

I am writing in OBL during the presidential primary. Now for a running mate.

I’m thinking Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez!

John Adds: I also love this take by Greg Gutfield:

So, when one political party shares a war-time agenda with the guy who’s trying to end your civilization, isn’t it time to stop renewing Bill Maher’s contract? I mean, if Usama wrote these sentiments on a job application, he could land a spot on the View.

You know, I didn’t realize bin laden was following US politics that closely. He must watch the Daily Show. But the whole thing seems like Usama’s latest video dating offer to America’s left. “Lonely, bored goat-herder, into Jihad, mass murder, and figs, seeks fellow ‘Progressive’ for long term relationship. I enjoy long walks in the desert. And goats. Lets end western civilization together! (AND YES, THIS IS MY REAL BEARD!)

But there’s a hint of desperation to all this. UBL is no longer calling for America’s destruction. Now, he’s begging us to leave the middle east. Which means, he’s running out of hummus. It’s clear he would love to call things “even” and check into the Yemen Hilton for a nice bath.

Just remember: only a man who’s losing it quotes Chomsky. Usama’s on the ropes. Let’s keep him there. Until he’s at the end of one.

The video of OBL’s comments is here.

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