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Reviews of Green Zone – It’s Ham-Fisted Liberal Fantasy

John on March 11, 2010 at 2:13 pm

The LA Times’ Patrick Goldstein is attacking Kyle Smith for pointing out the obvious, i.e. that this isn’t a thriller so much as a liberal fairy tale where America (or at least George Bush)  is the villain. Maybe Patrick should read a few more reviews:

  • “Green Zone” looks at an American war in a way almost no Hollywood movie ever has: We’re not the heroes, but the dupes. Its message is that Iraq’s fabled “weapons of mass destruction” did not exist, and that neocons within the administration fabricated them, lied about them and were ready to kill to cover up their deception. – Roger Ebert
  • It’s a deeply flawed fictionalization of events widely believed to be true (but still unproven) about the political corruption of the U.S. military, which, in backroom collusion with the alleged lies and greed of the George Bush administration, plunged us into an illegal war in Iraq we can’t get out of. – Rex Reed
  • Greengrass and screenwriter Brian Helgeland have devised a storyline, involving a committed but quickly skeptical soldier’s search for weapons of mass destruction, that comfortably doubles as an incisive critique of the false premise upon which the Bush Administration based its invasion. – Variety
  • We all know now the weapons that prompted the invasion of Iraq did not exist. The filmmakers concoct a simple-minded WMD conspiracy to explain the bad intelligence reports, then lob Miller into the middle of it. – David Germain
  • One of the charges against the Bush Administration was that it sought to encase Iraq in a narrative far too naïve and restrictive for any nation to bear; and, in its small way, “Green Zone,” a left-wing movie that looks and sounds like a right-wing one, suffers from the same delusion. – New Yorker
  • the movie never walks when it can run, never runs when it can race with bullets flying overhead, and never leaves room for a sentient audience to draw its own conclusions when the filmmakers can poke a finger in our collective chest and growl, ”Look how Bush and company screwed up here and here and HERE.” – Entertainment Weekly

Doesn’t seem to be a lot of disagreement about the leftist pedantry animating the plot, not even from people on the left who liked the movie.

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