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Eric Boehlert: Anti-Government Rhetoric Not Part of Liberal Dialogue

John on March 11, 2010 at 12:18 pm

If you read Media Matters even occasionally you can only conclude that the application for a job there consists of one question…

Do you have any sense of shame?

If the answer is yes, you’re out of a job. If the answer is no, you might be Eric Boehlert.

Eric’s weekly column is another salvo in the blame game. Typically, he rests his conclusions about Pentagon shooter John Bedell’s motivations on a few quotes that show he was an economic libertarian. Boehlert ignores Bedell’s anti-Bush rhetoric and puts aside the fact that he was a registered Democrat, suggesting he still could have been a tea-partier. This is so transparently pathetic that it makes Charles Johnson’s attempt to argue over the possible reasons for Bedell’s registration look principled in comparison (and CJ’s is not a very high standard).

So this leads to a recitation of anti-government rhetoric on the right and to Boehlert’s damning conclusion:

the idea that panicked right-wing bloggers can turn Bedell into a tree-hugging Greenpeace activist is ludicrous. [Note the straw man hyperbole] The allegation doesn’t withstand scrutiny, simply because dangerous, anti-government rhetoric is not part of today’s liberal dialogue.

At first read, you might have been tempted to pass liquid through your nostril. But look carefully. The key word in this laughable assertion is “today’s.” It’s not part of today’s liberal dialogue. All dialogue prior to today is forgotten and of no real consequence.

Admittedly, with Obama in the White House and control of the House and Senate, liberals are a lot less angry than they were a couple years ago.  But it wasn’t long ago we were dealing with a lot of stuff like this:

Did Eric Boehlert think that was dangerous? He might if he were honest or consistent. But, as already mentioned, he works at Media Matters where having any sense of shame at all is a career-ender.

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